Joe Valachi – The First Rat

    Joseph M. “Joe Cargo” Valachi ranks as one of the most notorious Mafia informants, the first mobster to acknowledge, in public, on television, under...



    Paul Castellano – Eighth Grade Drop Out to Gambino Family Boss...

    Constantino Paul Castellano was born on June, 26 1915 in Brooklyn, New York. His mother’s name was Concetta and his father, a butcher and...


    Louis Eppolito: Working for the Mob

    In the 1980’s and 90’s two NYPD Police detectives were involved in murder for hire and various other illegal activities on behalf of the...
    Henry Hill

    Goodfella, Henry Hill


    Vincent Louis Chin Gigante – Muscle on Both Ends Part I

    Vincent Louis Chin Gigante, also known as “The Oddfather” for his largely successful efforts to dodge criminal punishment by faking mental illness, was a...


    Philip Rusty Rastelli – 1981 Bonanno War

    Phillip “Rusty” Rastelli was a former boss of the Bonanno crime family, taking over the rein in the early 1970s, following the retirement of...

    Chicago Outfit

    “Machine Gun” Jack McGurn – St. Valentines Day Massacre

    “Machine Gun” Jack McGurn was an Italian-American born in Licata, Sicily population 39,000 on July 2, 1902. His birth name was Vincenzo Gibaldi; however...

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    James Jimmy the Gent Burke

    Jimmy Burke – A Goodfella with a Mean Streak

    James “Jimmy the Gent” Burke was one of the most notorious Irish-American gangsters of all time, a violent, ruthless criminal responsible for...
    Papa Torrio

    Giovanni Papa Johnny Torrio – Chicago Outfit Boss in the 1920’s

    Giovanni "Papa Johnny" Torrio ran Chicago's Mafia in the 1920s, building it from a prostitution racket into an illegal liquor empire. His feud with...
    Ralph Capone

    Ralph Capone – Big Brother to Al “Scarface” Capone

    Ralph Capone Sr. was born on January 12, 1894 in Angri, Italy. He was one of nine siblings born to Gabriel and Teresa Capone,...
    Benjamin Lefty Ruggiero

    Benjamin “Lefty” Ruggiero – A True Account of Al Pacino’s “Lefty” in Donnie Brasco

    Benjamin “Lefty” Ruggiero also known as “Lefty Guns, and “Lefty two Guns” was born in the Fourth Ward neighborhood of Little Italy, Manhattan on...


      Santo Trafficante Sr

      The Trafficante Family

      When you think of Florida and organized crime, it is difficult to avoid conjuring up images of Tony Montana in Scarface, or the heyday...


        Simone DeCavalcante

        Sam the Plumber DeCavalcante – New Jersey Godfather

        Simone DeCavalcante The New Jersey Mafia is a shadow of what it once was. It fell victim to its own hubris, and to new law...
        DeCavalcante family

        DeCavalcante Family

        The popular Sopranos television series may helped make New Jersey’s connections to the Mafia and organized crime a popular discussion topic at dinner tables...


          Philadelphia Crime Boss Angelo Bruno

          Philadelphia Mob Boss Angelo Bruno

          Mafia Kingpin Angelo Bruno died a particularly violent death in Philadelphia, an act that sparked a violent mob war that raged on throughout the...
          Angelo Bruno

          The Bruno Crime Family of Philadelphia

              From Angelo Bruno to Little Nicky Scarfo Throughout the 20th Century, the Mafia was well entrenched in Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love....


            White Bulger Feature

            Whitey Bulger

            Whitey Bulger’s brutal murder at the hands of fellow prisoners proved a very important point that applies to most gangsters sooner or later: no...


              Russell Bufalino

              Russell Bufalino – A Significant Influence in La Cosa Nostra

              When you think about organized crime in America, New York, New Jersey, and Chicago come to mind, and maybe Miami. However, what...

              Detroit Partnership

                Frank the Irishman Sheeran

                Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran – I Heard You Paint Houses

                Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran definitely was involved in union corruption and organized crime, with alleged ties to the Bufalino Crime Family out...
                Jimmy Hoffa Feature

                Jimmy Hoffa – Life and Disappearance at the Hands of the Mob

                Jimmy Hoffa disappeared under dubious circumstances in 1975, and we have been searching for him ever since. It seems like every few years some...

                Sicilian Mafia

                  Tommaso Buscetta

                  Tommaso Buscetta – Responsible for the Maxi Trials

                  Turncoats are increasingly a staple of organized crime these days; Mafiosos, facing lengthy prison sentences, agree to cooperate with the prosecution and finger their...
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