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Lucky Luciano -The Luciano Crime Family

The 1930’s were a prosperous time for Luciano. With control of the commission he was able to increase his reach in illegal gambling, bootlegging, loan-sharking, and labor rackets. His reign was short lived however and in 1936 he was charged with prostitution after special prosecutor Thomas E. Dewey led a raid on 80 New York […]


Joe Magliocco – 31 year Colombo Crime Family Consigliere

 Giuseppe “Joe” Magliocco was born in Castellammare del Golfo in Sicily in 1898. Magliocco was related by marriage to consigliere and underboss Salvatore Mussachio, Buffalo crime family boss Stefano Magaddino, Bonanno crime family founder Joseph Bonanno, and his closest confidant, Profaci family founder, Joseph Profaci. When he arrived in the United States he quickly took […]

Roy DeMeo

Roy Albert DeMeo – Leader of the Gambino Family Murder for Hire

             Roy Albert DeMeo was born on September 7, 1942 in Bath Beach Brooklyn to working class Italian immigrants. In 1959 DeMeo graduated from James Madison High School with an accomplished loan shark business bringing in hundreds of dollars each week.              After leaving James Madison High School DeMeo married and fathered three children. He […]

Vincent Gigante

Vincent Louis “Chin” Gigante – Part II – The Robe

Genovese was a ruthless boss who ruled with an iron fist, but his grip began to loosen throughout the 1960s. He was sent to prison for 15 years in 1959 on what were probably trumped-up heroin charges, and though he maintained technical control of his family, a panel of three other men made the daily […]

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