The American Mafia

The American Mafia has several aliases such as Mob, Mafia, Organized Crime, and La Cosa Nostra which means “thing of ours”.

1920’s American Mafia

The Mafia made its mark on the United States shortly after Prohibition (the outlaw of manufacturing, selling, and transport of alcohol) began in 1920. They are comprised of Italian-American and Jewish-American men who took Prohibition as an opportunity to make money and control the underground world that sprouted up because the new law. They are independent of the Italian Mafia but work closely with the Sicilians’ and other Italian organized crime groups around the globe.

Lucky Luciano

Despite the actions of federal, state, and local law enforcement, the American Mafia is regarded as the largest organized criminal element in the United States. They have thousands of made members, and thousands of associates across the continent. Some work regular jobs keeping a low profile, some live next to you and me. They don’t drive around in antiquated Fords, with Tommy guns hanging out the windows. They keep to themselves having sworn an oath to Omerta with rules and customs they must live by.

In an attempt to detail the history of the American Mafia, there are a few things this blog is not intended to do.

Carlo Gambino

This blog is not created to make light of or glorify any of the alleged actions of those chronicled here. This blog will attempt to simply consolidate public records, government sources, newspaper archives and the contributions of its readers. The alleged actions recounted are part of history, accurate or not, and are detailed while showing no prejudice for or against.


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